About XIX-Casual-Cosplay

The Artist

The Artist also known as Comicbookgirl19 is an Internet Personality & Influencer famous for her in-depth commentaries on comics, films, books, and television shows. Find her on YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Clothing



Each piece of our capsule collection is ethically sourced and was made possible with our 3 core principles:

  • Sustainability - Choosing materials and packaging that reduces carbon footprint
  • Ethics - Working with the best, most ethical factories that have worked with world-class brands
  • Quality - Designed by LA based designer Megan McCuloch (Designed for Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitters and Revolve in the past)


Label by Zilingo is a one-stop shop for sourcing competitive pricing, procurement, merchandising, quality control, customer care and flexible credit, all done with English speaking staff to cut the errors that come from language barriers. We partnered with Zilingo because they've figured out ways that allow them to source quality, current products at the lowest prices and quantities while also making it an easy experience.